Professional Development

A Shri Educator is a facilitator who recognizes and acknowledges the uniqueness in each child and motivates them to ‘think out of the box’ guiding them towards critical and creative thinking.

A Shri Educator has domain competency, is well spoken and articulate, keeps abreast with the best practices and strategies in the ever-evolving education space. Intrinsically self-motivated and committed a Shri Educator sets forth on the simple premise that all problems come with solutions, and works along with his/her team and students to discover these solutions. With a deep conviction about the Core Values of the school, he or she leads by example to ensure that the children imbibe them as well.

Constantly striving to better her/his best, a Shri Educator seeks feedback and guidance unhesitatingly, aware that to reach the high standards set by the school and to achieve his/her own potential, having the mirror held up by another is not just crucial, but also very effective.