The Shri Ram Universal School has a very active Environment Programme called “SHRI PARYAVARAN”, which works towards arousing curiosity in the young learners about their surroundings. It works towards developing a sense of responsibility and purpose in the children, which through hands-on experiences, will help them grow into environmentally sensitive citizens of the world.

Conscious effort is made to encourage the reuse and recycling of material, especially for the hands-on activities at school. These not only develop an increased awareness and consciousness of the environment, it also works towards spreading the same.

Our young “Earth Ambassadors” work tirelessly, inspiring not just their peers but also the people of the larger community that they interact with in their daily lives.

This programme also develops in students various learning skills such as observation, research, inquiry, analysis, application, experimentation, presentation critical and creative thinking.

With Environment being at the heart of the schools concerned, all initiatives in this club are taken by students being in the forefront bringing meaningful change within the school campus and further in the community.

Various Programmes that the School would roll out over the next few years are as follows:

  • School Energy Monitors: This Club consistently monitors energy usage in the school with a view to reducing wastage of electricity; they take daily rounds of the school to check that the lights, fans/ACs etc. are switched off when the room is empty. They maintain a record and share their findings with the school during Assembly for further action.
  • Anti-Crackerand Child Labour Campaign: : This Campaign is to bring awareness amongst students against use of crackers as they are not friendly to the environment. This is also done to bring awareness with regard to their manufacturing, especially those done by young underage children in deplorable conditions which result in them suffering from various illnesses due to exposure to chemicals. Additionally, this campaign spreads awareness about how the burning of crackers is one of the causes for Global Warming.
  • Eco Holi : Before Holi, the children are made aware about the fact that Holi has its own pros and cons. The good thing about Holi is the enjoyment that the interaction with friends and family brings with it. However, the flip side of the festival is the wastage of water leading to acute shortages and the use of harmful chemical colours. Students are encouraged to use organic colours instead and avoid undue wastage of water.
  • Save The Tiger Programme :Under the “Kids for Tigers Programme” children are made aware about endangered animals and birds, especially the Tiger. This further enables the students to understand and appreciate the fine balance between man and Nature and the significance of Bio Diversity, Ecological Balance and Interdependence.
  • E- Waste Campaign :Under the An awareness drive/ workshop is conducted to help students reduce, reuse and recycle E-Waste.
  • Plastic Awareness: : The school being a ‘No Poly Bag Zone’- use of alternative materials and products like cloth and jute bags is greatly propagated and encouraged amongst students. Reducing the use of plastic wherever possible is also encouraged and children are made aware of the need to use materials that are bio-degradable and eco-friendly.