School Trips

Students from each grade have the opportunity to go for educational and fun trips within the city and also outside it.

Students from grade 4 onwards undertake outstation trips every year. Besides the huge learning that students carry back from the great outdoors, they develop a close bond with teachers and friends.


Circle time

Circle Time activities act as team building exercises that enhance the self esteem of the children. The teacher acts as the facilitator during the class. Each child is encouraged to speak and voice his/her views while the others learn the importance of listening. The skills promoted are looking, speaking, listening, thinking and concentrating. It creates a positive atmosphere in the class and also develops a sense of belonging.


Discovery Hour

An hour of observing, experimenting and learning through, as the name suggests-discovering! Activities that promote these skills with an element of fun are incorporated into the time table. After giving the instructions, the teacher acts as the facilitator while the children work and draw conclusions independently or as a team.

The activities are designed to develop logical thinking, analytical reasoning and decision making. Alongside, emphasis is given on fine motor skill development and listening skills. Activities undertaken during the Discovery Hour range from worksheets to experiments to even cooking without fire!

Writer’s Workshop

From October to December, the students of grades 4 and 5 participate in Writers’ Workshop. As a learning/teaching method it is a life changing experience for students and teachers. Writers’ Workshop provides an individualized curriculum that caters to all types of learners.

Reading Club

To ensure that each and every child takes an interest in reading books, a Reading Club has been set up in school. The teachers identify the books and encourage discussions focused on vocabulary, plot, characterization etc on the books read by children.